News. For kids.

We are raising funds to launch Hungary’s first news medium for children.

Ignorance is the greatest enabler of evil. Free press is struggling to hold out against government pressure, financial hardship and general apathy. But there is an even more menacing threat looming: who will read news in ten or twenty years?

Formal education does little to help kids understand the world they live in – and what the press is for. At school, they learn about the monetary policy of long dead kings and molecular bindings. Regular media is mostly incomprehensible for them, and full of noise. Meanwhile, they are worried, depressed and frightened by what they hear about current events: pandemics, war, economic crisis, climate change. Some of the best parents might take the time to explain everything – if they can.

What if children had access to a news source, providing concise, easy reads about those problems flying around at the dinner table? What if they knew what is going on? Eventually, they will inherit this mess – they have a right to see clearly.

Adapting to kids’ preferences, we intend to build a mobile application providing daily news roundups, feature articles, and an encyclopedia explaining what a dictatorship or a loan is. We will offer book, movie and game reviews, show our readers around Europe and the world, tell them how kids live and study elsewhere. We will create a true newspaper for children, wrapped in a free app.

News for children is a tradition in some countries; France, Britain and Germany have long had printed or televised material for kids. In Hungary, no one bothered since the fall of Communism – and it shows. Now, with a fresh start, we will rush to make up for the loss. With more than 20 years of experience in journalism and media research, we are prepared to do our best.

Our initiative has drawn considerable ire from pro-government propaganda press and state media, resulting in dozens of slanderous reports. This validates our concept and strengthens our determination to bring it to fruition.

If you wish to support us, please do so via Paypal, or by direct transfer. You can contact us at kispolgarkft(at) for further information.

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